The entire oil and gas value chain requires much more capital than labor to produce results, so it is termed a capital-intensive industry. It also faces environmental and safety risks. In addition to the environmental risks, other items, such as personnel safety, damage to equipment, fire, flood, and disaster, are also important. As oil and gas are flammable, the equipment at the worksite must pass the explosion-proof certification. ARISTA provides C1D2 explosion-proof Panel PCs for the oil and gas industry, including ARP-3821AX and ARP-5500 Series, which are not only explosion-proof but also use NEMA 4X stainless steel chassis is waterproof and anti-corrosion. In addition, there are also industrial-grade fanless computers and Thin Clients solutions.


Waterproof and explosion-proof Panel PCs

Industrial Fanless PCs & Thin Clients



In the pharmaceutical industry, high reliability and stability are crucial. ARISTA‘s products guarantee a long product life cycle of 5-7 years, which allowing pharmaceutical manufactures not to worry about revalidating the replacement in the critical manufacturing process.
ARISTA also has a Revision Control mechanism. In the event of a product design modification or part replacement takes place, we will notify our customers about the product revision and let them decide whether to conduct a test for the new version.
Our customers have high customization requirements, and ARISTA can provide small batch productions in varieties. We listen to the voices of customers and strive to meet their needs.